Meet the Founder

How it all started...

In 2015, beginning to focus on the health benefits of fermented food,yet frustrated with the abundance of sugary drinks marketed as healthy fermented beverages, Matt started to experiment with various fermentation recipes. Encouraged by friends and family who asked for regular restock of his home-made kombucha and fermented vegetables, Matt saw a chanceto propel the microbiome revolution.

He expanded out of his Bali kitchen and created Kore Culture Lab–a functional food and beverage company- to offer authentic probiotic foods that are extremely low in sugar , yet delicious and packed with bioavailable nutrients and probiotic bacteria. A permaculturist at heart, Matt wanted to bring awareness to Bali’s water scarcity. Kore Culture Lab was the first to use filtered rainwater in making kombucha.

Till today, Kore Culture Lab specialize in crafting artisanal small-batch cultured drinks such as kombucha and wild lacto fermented vegetables. KCLferments combine locally grown, fair-trade and organic ingredients with a healthy dose of love and attention to detail. Kore Culture Lab’s philosophy is that food is medicine, and we can take control of our health through our food choice.

Our Mission

We believe that the new generations of consumers expect more from the businesses that they support. A brand is more than just a product, but rather  a message, a story or a cause  that aligns with consumer’s values and embodies what is important to them.

With that in mind, We use regenerative practices such as rainwater harvesting and sourcing organic ingredients locally to produce simple, healthy, and tasty beverages. By doing so, not only do we aim to raise awareness to environmental challenges, but also be part of the solution.